Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter Wonderland

This is the beautiful wonderland we woke up to this morning!

The above is the ruler we stuck in the ground (see previous post pictures). **hee**


Wonderfully Sew Knit said...

Dang!!! That is a lot of snow!

Denise K. said...

The snow is just beautiful! :-) How exciting to wake up to such a gorgeous blanket of white! I am sitting in the Denver Airport as my flight is delayed, but I am so glad that I have a lap top to read's a cheery way to pass the time in these circumstances. Thanks for your encouragement too!

Stephanie said...

Wow!! What a lot of snow!! How fun! We had some, but it's raining today and it's all melting!

I received your FABULOUS package and I just can't thank you enough!! I posted some pics on my blog. You are a very talented person. Did you paint those designs on the cards yourself? I am going to set them out for decoration, they are too pretty to actually send out!!


Becky said...

I guess there are just too many prayers being said asking for a White Christmas. Boy honey did you ever get one.
Keep your boots dry.
Happy PS and Merry Christmas

Sherrie said...

That's a crazy amount of snow. We'd like just a smidgen of that down here in GA. LOL! Oh what my DS would do to get into that snow?!!? LOL!